Why Is Handmade Soap Popular and What Is It?

collection of natural soaps placed on marble table
Why is handmade soap so popular?

Hmmm…well that’s easy, handmade soap is popular because it is made with natural ingredients compared to the regular detergent the store sells that’s loaded with chemicals that is bad for our skin. Did you catch that? Yes, I said detergent, this is exactly what we’ve been putting on our skin for years. Ever notice how major soap companies do not label their bars as soap; they label it as a beauty bar. Store bought soap is NOT soap its detergent. Handmade soaps are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils that provides a therapeutic experience. Our soap contains glycerin, which is a natural component in the soap making process that helps lock in moisture and retain hydration and prevent dryness. Handmade soap is pure, it’s true form of soap cleanse and moisturizes your skin naturally without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

So, as you can see handmade soap has many benefits, although it may be more expensive, your skin matters. Invest in your skin today with Serene Re’Pose Co.

collection of handmade bricks of handmade soap
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